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If your kitchen stinks, it speaks about your taste and personality type. No matter how well-finished your home looks, if the king of every room (Kitchen) is not looking good, you are on the other side of getting praised.

So, a fantastic way to turn a dull kitchen into something unique is to paint it. And for that, you do not have to focus on walls primarily; just paint kitchen cabinets with some of the amazing colors, and get more praise and a colorful environment.

In this blog, we have collected the top 7 colors from designer choice, and they will set everything apart for you.

Disclaimer: The colors that we are about to mention are the designer’s choice, so they can vary according to the taste of everyone, but everyone will find one favorite. So, read on to find your color for cabinet painting.

7 Best Colors to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

1) Dark Navy

Starting slowly with something classic and a rich tune. Dark navy turns your kitchen cabinets into a moody masterpiece with the inky shade of blue. This color is exceptional for young couples to keep up an intimate environment inside the kitchen where cooking becomes another romantic thing to do.

2) Crisp White

If you want to grow old with someone, crisp white is the color for your kitchen cabinets. It already gives the vibes of getting old with someone you love and spending the best life out there. Crisp white is nice, neat, and clean, making a kitchen look really good—both for you and your family.

An excellent thing about this color is, you get to make other designs and prints visible inside your kitchen. It will bring a more prominent element and make everything stand out.

I mean, you can look at the richness it will bring into your kitchen.

3) Cherry

If you want to go a little out of the way and make some artistic changes in your home, cherry or crimson for your kitchen cabinets won’t be a bad option. Its red anchor and rich texture leave no space for jargon, and you will only feel more apatite and pleasure while cooking.

Crimson or cherry color brings in the most adventurous vibe to your home. So, if you don’t travel often or are stuck inside your home in Covid, it is time to change your boring kitchen into something extraordinary.

This one is also a great option if you want colorful kitchen cabinets that will make people wonder about your choice.

4) Forest Green

Do you want to bring a jungle inside your kitchen? Check out this forest green color for your kitchen cabinets. With that, you would just need a few apes and a giraffe to turn your kitchen into a zoo because it will give you a feel like you are already surrounded by trees.

This one also goes well with almost every primary color of your kitchen and still looks hot and catchy for the visitors or guests.

5) Baby Blue

Yes, blue is the new cool. One of the top reasons for this is that it has many shades and gives you almost every feel that you want. If you have just received a new member of your family and want to do something for that baby, baby blue won’t be a bad option.

It will already show off that your house received a piece of good news and make everyone even happier about it. Other than that, the baby blue color is a relaxed and steady type of blue, and after seeing that, you can only imagine the squishy cheeks of a baby.

6)  Matte Black

Speaking of colors, let’s not forget about the king itself. Black color has a distinct vibe and feels from every other color, and I think black wants to be like that. One of the favorite colors for people with rich and ironic taste, matte black would be a great partner for your kitchen.

It is also a great option if you are looking for cabinet refacing, where you can actually purchase pre-colored matte black cabinets, which will look more mesmerizing and well-finished.

My personal favorite: If I were you, I would have chosen matte Black because I think black reflects everything. It makes everything prominent while hiding itself behind the dark. Yet, you can correct me in the comments if I’m wrong.

7)  Greige

With a mix of beige and grey, here comes the mighty greige that comes with a bit of essence of grey and beige.

Most of the time, if you are going with other shades of grey, they usually are blue, green, and other colors, but only few artistic designers suggest these colors because it is not too bright or dim, just a perfect option to go with. I think all of that makes it one of the unique colors in the world.

Key Takeaways

We have collected everything from dark navy to greige, but each has its own uniqueness, and they’re all amazing on their terms. Thus, try to look for your taste by looking at the pictures again or you can read our blog on Popular Paint Colors for Kitchen. Also, make sure you check everything beforehand and browse more pictures online before selecting the final color for your kitchen cabinets.

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