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General Cabinet Refacing for Your Home and Office

Our cabinet refacing in Mississauga or anywhere else entails a detailed process to replace the skin of your cabinets. This means that our team will remove the drawer fronts and doors from the cabinets and apply a fresh veneer over the body of the cabinet.

During this process, the hardware of the cabinets can also be replaced on the client’s demand. The reason every homeowner chooses to reface its cabinets is to have a better appearance of the home cabinets without losing a lot of money.

We highly recommend opting for a complete refacing as not only it improves the appearance of the room but also increases the life of cabinets.

What Steps Are Involved in Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet Refacing in Oakville is one of our most in-demand services. A skilled expert from our team uses high-quality veneers and woodwork to give the cabinets new life rather than replacing each one of them.

The process is comprehensive and detailed and we focus even on the minute details when we curate the road map for your project. Follow on to see how things go:

The first step is to remove the doors, drawers, and accessories of the cabinets.

The sticking material will either be Rigid Thermofoil or wood-veneer where rigid thermofoil is a melamine-based product.

Skinning of cabinets will take place using a wood veneer or other material approved by the client.

In case the old hinges are in good condition, they will be reinstalled or will be replaced with new ones if their condition is rough.

Refaced doors and drawer fronts will be installed after that.

In case you need to change the accessories of the cabinets like optional moldings or glass then it’s time to make that call or you can go on with the same ones.

How Does the Procedure Follow?

Our cabinet refacing in Richmond Hill would take two to four days to complete the process on average. However, this time range varies by the number of cabinets and the changes required for them. The most common schedule that we follow is:

On day 1: Our experts remove the doors, begin the application of the veneer and then clean up when the day is done.

On day 2: Apply a second coat of veneer and then clean up again.

On day 3: Complete veneering, reinstallation, and final touches.

Customized Quality Work

The use of high-quality materials and years of experience in hands of the crew makes us able to complete the task before the expected time. That time estimate is given after the first evaluation of the cabinet’s conditions. Most of our cabinet refacing in Toronto work entails working on sturdy cabinet structures, these cabinets have a long life to provide service.

Our crew makes sure to work exactly the way as finalized by the clients before the cabinet refacing in Vaughan begins. However, reconsidering the whole accessory hardware of the cabinet is a wise choice to go for.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Services at Your Demand

Refacing refers to improvements that are made on a minor scale to any part of the house. The kitchen for instance can be improved greatly by opting for kitchen refacing in Mississauga. Small changes to the kitchen fixtures can completely transform the appearance of your kitchen.

What Does the Procedure Involve?

This includes refacing the cabinets, repairing the walls, laminating the isles, etc. Our team of professionals is well aware of dealing with complete kitchen revamps. We are in this field for a long time now and understand the right procedure to improve the appearance of the kitchen on a low budget.

Inspection Mode

The initials of our inspection of the kitchen include the size of the kitchen, needed installations, and water-damaged areas which need plumbing services. Then the inspection is concluded by making sure that all the alternations to the kitchen can be made without any major construction work or digging.

Last Estimation Before We Start

After that, the cost estimation will be made and discussed with the client, and will make further needed changes. Once you finalize us for kitchen refacing in Toronto, we will provide you with the protocols to prepare for the refacing of the kitchen cabinet work. This way things will go smooth for everyone i.e., the team and the client.

Remove The Furniture and Utensils

Clear out the kitchen space for the workers so they can begin with.  Once everything has been cleared out of the kitchen, we begin by removing cabinet doors, handles, and drawer fronts. Then the existing paint is scraped off the walls and the isles are cleaned thoroughly.

Customized Quality Work

Depending on what you want to be done we also customize our kitchen refacing in Richmond Hill’s approach. Our goal is to provide you with the service you have in mind after a detailed discussion with our experts.

The milestones of the project are finalized at the start. Our skillful crew is encouraged to provide quality work and meet deadlines. The team is always a step ahead to inform you if any unusual activity takes place.

We strive to take the stress out of home improvement situations and always make sure that the client is on-board with each project decision. A complete kitchen refacing in Toronto is likely to take up a week or two to complete the project.

Our Team Leaves No Stone Unturned

The kitchen cabinet refacing procedure often overlooks the windows and doors. This way the unbothered windows and doors reflect an incomplete image of the kitchen. This is why our kitchen refacing in Oakville, ensures all parts of the kitchen are included in the resurfacing process.

Why Us?

The Kitchen Made New has always been providing the finest quality services of cabinet refacing for your kitchen, study, living room, bathroom you name it. Customer satisfaction is our goal and main priority. The long-living service of our team is appreciated throughout the whole GTA and surrounding areas.

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